Elder Flower, Whole Wild Crafted

Elder Flower, Whole Wild Crafted

Elderflowers are known for their delicate, floral aroma and are used in various culinary and herbal preparations.



Elder Flower, Whole Wild Crafted

“Elder Flower, Whole Crafted” likely refers to the whole, dried elderflowers that have been carefully harvested and prepared. Elderflower comes from the elder tree, specifically the flowers of the elderberry plant (Sambucus nigra). Elderflowers are known for their delicate, floral aroma and are used in various culinary and herbal preparations.

Key Points about Elder Flowers:

  1. Harvesting and Appearance:
    • Elderflowers are small, creamy-white blossoms that grow in clusters. They are typically harvested when the flowers are fully open but have not yet begun to brown.
  2. Aroma and Flavor:
    • Elderflowers have a sweet, floral fragrance and a slightly sweet and musky flavor. They are prized for their aromatic qualities.
  3. Culinary Uses:
    • Elderflowers are used in the preparation of various culinary delights, including syrups, jams, jellies, cordials, and desserts. They are also used to infuse beverages such as teas and cocktails.
  4. Herbal Tea:
    • Elderflower tea is a popular herbal infusion known for its pleasant taste and potential health benefits. It is often consumed for its soothing properties.
  5. Health Benefits:
    • Elderflowers are believed to have certain health benefits, including potential immune-supportive and anti-inflammatory properties. They have been traditionally used in herbal medicine.
  6. Crafting Products:
    • “Whole Crafted” may imply that the elderflowers have been carefully and artfully harvested and prepared. The crafting process may involve careful drying to preserve the flowers in their whole form.


  1. Tea:
    • Elderflower tea is made by steeping dried elderflowers in hot water. The resulting infusion is light, floral, and often enjoyed for its calming effects.
  2. Infusions:
    • Elderflowers can be used to infuse liquids like syrups, vinegar, or spirits. Elderflower-infused products are prized for their unique flavor.
  3. Culinary Creations:
    • Dried elderflowers can be used in various culinary recipes. They may be added to baked goods, jams, or used as a flavorful garnish.
  4. Tinctures and Extracts:
    • Elderflowers can be used to make tinctures or extracts, providing a concentrated form of the plant’s beneficial compounds.


  • Identification:
    • It’s crucial to correctly identify elderflowers before using them, as other plants may resemble elderberry but can be toxic. Always ensure that the product comes from a reputable source.
  • Allergies:
    • Individuals with allergies to plants in the Caprifoliaceae family (such as honeysuckle) may want to exercise caution.
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:
    • Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult with a healthcare professional before using elderflower products.

When using elderflowers, it’s essential to follow recommended guidelines, especially if crafting homemade products or preparing herbal remedies. If you are unsure about any aspects of using elderflowers, consulting with an herbalist or healthcare professional is advisable.

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